What it is Online psychological assessment

Giunti Testing is the online testing system that Giunti Psychometrics provides to professionals and companies to meet all their psychological assessment needs.

Designed to be used entirely over the Internet, Giunti Testing can be used to administer, obtain scoring, generate reports and store data from tests in the online catalogue at any time and from any computer connected to the Web.

The computerized testing model allows you to add new functions to the traditional benefits in terms of speed and correctness of the procedures, the availability of graphic profiles and narrative reports, convenience and rational in data storage:

Giunti Testing guarantees

Giunti Testing can only be used by professionals who are qualified to use the tests, following registration and self-certification of the professional titles held.

Giunti Psychometrics guarantees professionals and their users that the scoring procedures are correct, that Giunti Testing reports are generated and that the standards are updated to the latest available version.

The personal data and the results of the administered tests are treated by Giunti Testing in a completely confidential manner, so that the subject's privacy is ensured in full compliance with current law.

Communications with the server take place on a secure https channel.